LG Designed First Windows Fashion Phone With Jil Sander

Windows Fashion Phone

LG is now showing its advancements in smartphones technology with respect both features and body design. Its best example is its latest collaboration with the famous fashion designer Jil Sander, who designed the body design of the first LG Windows Fashion Phone. By looking at the design of LG Jil Sander E906 one could easily say that it might designed to target those customers who want to keep stylish phones or belong to corporate society but it is made reachable for everyone.

Windows Fashion Phone

As far as the features of LG Jil Sander E906 are concerned, it is designed with the first generation windows phone specifications except the latest Mango version of Windows in it. The specs include:

  • 1GHz processor, 3.8″ TFT display
  • 5-megapixel rear camera
  • 16GB of storage

The phone is also designed with lots of useful application along with separate Jil Sander Shop from where you can visit the Jil Sander Online Store. The LG Jil Sander E906 will be released first in Europe from 7th October. For rest of the global customers can experience this phone via this demo video.

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