iPhone 6 Case Collection

Best iPhone 6 Cases

Best iPhone 6 Cases

It is important to use proper casing for your iPhone to use it for long time as you spend hundreds of dollars for buying an iPhone. Though the latest version iPhone 6 Plus is available in the market but it is more than an iPhone and it somehow comes under phablet category (tablet + phone). However, the iPhone 6 is currently the most demanding model, so there is variety of cases available for that model. Here you have given the best quality iPhone 6 Case Collection which are the top rated among those available in the market.

This collection comprises of cases, which are made rugged, decent, stylish, colorful and come with precision cutouts to maintain the original phone experience. The best iPhone 6 Case Collection consists of following cases that are listed according to their rankings in descending order:

1. Maxboost® Vibrance Series iPhone 6 Case
2. LifeProof Fre Series iPhone 6 Case
3. Flexion™ Guardian Series iPhone 6 Case
4. Flexion™ Euphoria Series iPhone 6 Case

1. Maxboost® Vibrance Series iPhone 6 Case

Maxboost Vibrance iPhone 6 Case

This series of iPhone 6 Case from Maxboost is made for both perspectives including style and protection. Its protective design consists of protective features including

• 4-sided protection
• Covered Corners
• Raised Edges for screen protection

On the other hand, the material of the Maxboost Vibrance case is made with soft microfabric ensures its safety from dropping, dinging and thus provides scratchproof casing.

It comes in variety of vibrant colors that all guarantee safety for a reasonable price value of just under $20 only on Amazon store.

2. LifeProof Fre Series iPhone 6 Case

LifeProof iPhone 6 Case

This LifeProof Fre Series is the most demanding case among the iPhone 6 Case Collection. It is perfect for house moms, wives and adventures people as it provides a rock solid safety for your iPhone 6. It guarantees safety from:

• Water up to 2 meters for 1 hour
• Dirt as it provides complete sealing of every port
• Snow also due to airtight sealing sockets for ports
• Shock due to its withstand capacity of dropping from 2 meters

It consists of two pieces for front and back casing and comes with following additional features:

• Anti-reflective-coated optical glass lens to protect backend camera lens
• Airtight headphone jack seal
• Charge port cover
• Headphone Adapter and Sound Enhancement System that amplifies iPhone 6 built-in speaker for a more robust listening experience.
• Compatible with Touch ID, so it also provides security along with physical safety.

LifeProof Fre Series iPhone 6 Case would be the first hand choice for every user who used to work all the time in home, do camping, hiking, etc. So, get it as early as possible at the discount price of around $70 from Amazon store.

3. Flexion™ Guardian Series And Euphoria Series iPhone 6 Case

Flexion iPhone 6 Cases

These two series from Flexion is also the most popular cases among the iPhone 6 Case Collection. Both the series comes with the following features that ensure safety and elegant look:

• TPU coating for smooth and secure gripping
• Scratch Resistant and Shockproof
• Microfiber Interior
• Raised Edges for screen protection
• Lifetime warranty
• Fully compatible with headphones and adapters

Whereas, Euphoria Series has some additional design features which makes it the most perfect iPhone 6 case:

• UV coating ensures no watermarks, scratches, or fingerprints
• Pristine crystal clear lightweight slim design

These two different cases for iPhone 6 from Flexion is easily available at following discount rates from Amazon

Flexion Euphoria Series comes under $19
Flexion Guardian Series costs under $22.

These are the best available iPhone 6 Case Collection in the market but you can get them at discount rates from Amazon ONLY. So, don’t waste time and money and make your iPhone 6 safe as soon as possible!

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