iDECT Gadget – Android Landline Phone Tablet

iDECT Landline Android Cordless Phone

If you think that you have seen all kinds of Android powered phones and tablets then you ain’t seen anything yet. Below is what is being called iDECT, home landline cordless phone with a touch screen and a fully functional Android OS with features such as email client, web surfing, music playback etc.

iDECT Landline Android Cordless Phone

The iDECT landline phone tablet kind of cordless phone has a 2.8” touchscreen display of resolution 320 x 240 pixels. Other than the display, the device also has a microSD card slot, Wi-Fi, accelerometer, YouTube video and music (MP3) player etc. It will not be a false statement if we say that this is an Android mini tablet home phone with added features such as answering machine, color display, 200 different polyphonic ringtones etc. The iDECT home Android landline phone even has a handsfree speakerphone.

Not much information has been revealed about the iDECT Home landline Android phone. We even do not know what version of Android this device is running. The battery on this Android home phone can last up to 8 hours in use and up to 80 hours in stand-by. As more information, including price and availability, is revealed we will publish updates immediately about the iDECT which is a product by Binatone.

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