Huawei Intros Huawei-Discovery Expedition Handset : Rugged Handset

huawei discovery handset

Huawei in collaboration with the famous Discovery Channel is set to release the new ultra rugged handset which is yet to be given a code name so throughout this article we will be referring it as the new Huawei-Discovery expedition handset. The handset is not at all fancy when it comes to features and specifications, it even does not have a camera. The new rugged handset by Huawei will be able to withstand against dust, water, shocks as well as electrical shocks. It functions as a fully functional phone and has some of the handy features such as GPS, G-sensor, compass, torch light etc. The new Huawei-Discovery expedition handset for outdoorsy people will be released in Q4 2011 with price and carrier yet to be announced.


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