HTC Upcoming Windows Phones Have More Larger Display



It seems that HTC is now looking forward to introduce some phablet like devices as the news came from the official side that they are planning to launch much larger display Windows 8 phone soon. Though its not claimed by the manufacturer that it would be a phablet but one can call it so just because of larger display and faster processing unit.

The upcoming devices will have at least 4.5” display size (slightly larger than its recent HTC 8X and HTC 8S phones ) which would vary up to 4.7”, the HTC Zenith. In addition with the larger display unit, the device is expected to come with quad-core processor thus would give much faster response in loading firmware.

According to the President of HTC China said that the new HTC devices will have exclusive colors assigned for particular carriers. But didn’t mentioned about the launch date and price.

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