HTC Saga Flagship Device Android Smartphone Sighted

HTC Saga Android Smart phone

The pictures below shows of what is being called HTC’s flagship device, the HTC Saga Smartphone, which is yet another Android smartphone that is to be revealed completely during 2011 MWC, scheduled in Feb in Barcelona.

HTC Saga Android Smart phone

The HTC Saga Android smartphone seems to have a large touch screen (our guess would be 3.5”-4”) and it is about the same design which we have witnessed in previous HTC smartphones running Android OS. There is also a front facing camera in the HTC Saga smartphone. As far as Android OS is concerned, our guess would be Android 2.4 or Android 3.0. In fact we cannot be sure that it will be running Android OS.

More details about the HTC Saga Android smart phone including price, specifications, features and availability will be revealed as we move closer to 2011 MWC exhibition.

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