Garmin Viago Navigation Apps For iOS and Android From $0.99

Garmin Viago app

Garmin Viago app

Since the verge of smartphones, the demand for handheld GPS devices has gone down considerably. Garmin which is a leading manufacturer of GPS units had taken another stride to keep its name alive by introducing Garmin Viago.

Garmin Viago is a navigation app which is initially available for both Android and iOS devices. It is meant to be a complete navigation system through mobile application. With the new Garmin Viago, mobile users will be able to get free maps along with plenty of other functionality such as speed, speed limit, traffic display, weather etc. The app will also show realistic junction previews which will turn out to be quite helpful.

The Garmin Viago will have a price of $0.99 plus to be able to unlock more functions, users will have to pay for it. So the Viago app can go up to $20 depending upon how many functions you have enabled.

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