First Ever Phone For The Visually Impaired by OwnFone

OwnFone braille phone

Phonse have come a long way and as far as touch screen interfaces are concerned but for the visually impaired people the screen size and the touch screen functionality does not matter. Keeping this in mind, a UK company by the name OwnFone has put on sale the world’s first ever phone made for the blind and visually impaired public.

The OwnFone handset has raised (braille) text contact buttons. According to the source, the OwnFone for the handicapped is a 3D-printed design which lets the user assign up to four contacts to that phone that can be called in case of emergency or just to keep in touch with your loved ones.

The braille OwnFone handset is on sale at a starting price of £60 plus the monthly charges add to the cost.


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