Doro Enters the Smart World With PhoneEasy 740 Pure Elderly Phone



This for the first time that a smartphone is built particularly for elder people and surprisingly this idea is not presented by any existing brand, Doro – a newbie to the smart world revealed the PhoneEasy 740 for the elderly.

Doro PhoneEasy 740 is an Android phone without having Android Market just for the sake of the user who can’t understand easily the advanced functions and apps so Doro has made its own custom UI of their own called the Doro Experience and app store containing apps suitable for senior citizens.

Doro has also designed a web-based management portal in the phone which allows others to access the phone remotely so that if the elder one gets in trouble with the phone apps and functions you can take charge the phone remotely via cloud technology and solve the issue.

As far as phone design is concerned, Doro PhoneEasy 740 is a slider phone with larger kepad, and a customizable button for emergency call and message on 5 preset numbers. Doro will bring the PhoneEasy 740 hopefully in this Summer.

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