Count Down For Nokia N9 Starts

Nokia N9 Smartphone for Sweden

T has been declared from the Nokia N9 Swedish Website that the most awaiting Nokia phone is coming to Sweden within 49 days. The counter on the site shows that it would take 49 days 13 hours 6 min and 4 seconds to release.

Nokia N9 Smartphone for Sweden

We have given you some brief overview of the phone few months ago now its time to give you some hot news related to the release of the Nokia N9. Nokia also offering a charming offer to its Swedish customers to become one of a 30 “N9 pilots” and get the lucky group of testers to enjoy N9 handset not only in September this year but also keep it even it will be finished.

According to the mentioned counter Nokia N9 will arrive on September 23rd at 10 a.m. crucial Swedish time. On the other hand Nokia hasn’t revealed the release date of this handset for rest of the world but if you are eager to have it then immediately get the ticket for Sweden and have fun in September with the Nokia N9.

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