Chinese Vender Will Bring Quad-Core Phone Next Year

Quad-Core Meizu MX Phone

Quad-Core Meizu MX Phone

Its Meizu from China which just announced the release month of its first Quad-Core Phone named as Meizu MX. I t would be the second version of Meizu handset and be the first smartphone that would come earlier than other quad-core phones announced by somother venders like Samsung and ASUS.

The news came from the MEizu forum where its CEO confirmed that a new version of Meizu MX smartphone will hopefully be launched in May 2012 with the Quad-core processor and Android 4.0 operating system. It is also expected that the phone comes with Meizu’s UI and lets see how the ICS and MUI interface combination works? Other rumour which is floating around the tech world is about its processor which may be running with the Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core chip.

It all about the next generation Meizu smartphone, you will have to wait further to get the its detailed specification.

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