BLUE 555 Facebook Featured Phone By Vodafone

555 BLUE Facebook phone

Vodafone BLUE 555 is the first phone with dedicated Facebook feature. Though nowadays many of the phones are built with various social networking applications including Facebook but neither phone has dedicated Facebook button on its keypad which Vodafone BLUE 555 has.

555 BLUE Facebook phone

The BLUE 555 is one of an economical phone with dedicated social network feature so that you can connect to your friends by just pressing a button. It runs the Facebook application on the home screen where you can easily update your status, check news feeds and messages. Since the phone has 2-megapixel rear-facing camera so you can also share photos spontaneously via Facebook.

As far as its other networking feature is concerned, you can only rely on its EDGE speed to get connected with your friends as it hasn’t any WiFi and 3G connectivity. The launch date of the phone is still not confirmed but sources claimed that it would surely arrive in August at price of under £100.

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