Blackberry Smart Phone

Blackberry Phone

Blackberry Phone
This blackberry smart phone is the first touch screen blackberry from RIM and it is knows as Blackberry Storm 9500. It is mainly designed with business oriented features which includes its SurePress Screen technology, huge memory space along with micro SDH slot, fast processing, etc. Its some of important features are highlighted below:

SurePress Screen Technology

This blackberry 9500 smart phone is the first touch screen devices manufactured by RIM. It uses SurePress technology which supports easy navigation like mouse; you can select menus or perform various actions smoothly using your finger tip. It works in two steps when you place a finger it highlights the object and on pressing the object, action performs so it prevents accidental actions which are done unintentionally. Another main advancement of this feature is virtual keyboard of Sure Type and QWERTY layout which displays on screen in portrait and landscape mode respectively.


The phone has 1 GB internal memory with 128 MB application memory which is enough for your usage. But if you feel that these memories are insufficient for you then extra micro SDHC slot is available which supports up to 32 GB.


The camera of this particular smart phone is designed with fine quality 3.2 Mega pixels; through which it takes pictures and record videos at 480 x 352 resolutions. The camera is smart enough to automatically detect the objects to be focused, flash feature also available with this camera to take pictures under low light.


The display screen is not only wide enough for clear vision but also the resolution and color display is great with respect to smart phone; the screen is 3.25” wide with 65K color display.

Hot swap

This blackberry can perform hot swapping through a USB port available at the side of it. Through this you can connect to your desktop PC or laptops or can connect any other device you want which support this device without switching of the phone.

Quad Band

The phone has quad band feature which usually available with most of the smart phones nowadays. Through this feature you can communicate easily while roaming. The blackberry storm series supports quad band GSM, GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA.


This blackberry model is equipped with a built in GPS which approximately locates your position on the map for free. So you don’t need to keep you GPS with you if you have this particular blackberry set while traveling.

These are all the main features which distinguish it from other smart phones. Other common features includes Bluetooth, voice mail, document editing, MP3, MP4 players, etc


Though you can buy this blueberry smart phone from any online shops but Amazon offers you 39% special discount rate on purchasing this blackberry storm 9500.

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