RIM Next Touchscreen BlackBerry Phone Is On the Way

BlackBerry Touch

After getting not much good response from the BlackBerry Storm edition, RIM is now planning to introduce its thinner, faster and sexier next generation Full Touchscreen BlackBerry set. According to the leaked reports the set will be called as BlackBerry Touch and has assigned two different codenames with respect to carrier i.e. Monaco for Verizon Wireless carrier service and Monza is Global GSM version.

BlackBerry Touch

The main purpose of introducing this new Blackberry touch is to give full touchscreen technology to the blackberry instead of SurePress technology in the BlackBerry Storm which users felt difficulty in operating the phone. In addition with the improved display feature, the BlackBerry Touch will run RIMS’s new operating system OS 6.1 which is quite similar to previous OS 6.0. The Blackberry Touch (Monaco/Monza) will be leaked at the official BlackBerry show in May where BlackBerry Bold Touch, BlackBerry Curve Touch and BlackBerry Torch 2 are also presented for the RIM’s user.

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