ADzero Bamboo Phone Appeared As Botique Project

ADzero Bamboo Android Phone

ADzero Bamboo Android Phone

ADzero is the world’s first Bamboo Phone which has a unibody design made with organic bamboo. It is the idea which turned into real through a 23-year-old Middlesex University student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, he started this as his project during his last year of study and he is very much anxious to see his phone in market soon as he said.

The ADzero Bamboo Phone is an android powered phone and its body is designed with four years old bamboo, the idea behind choosing the bamboo is its fastest growth rate as this is the world’s fastest growing grass. At first it was suggested that the phone will be revealed only in China but now the decision has been changed and its moving towards the UK in due time. But in the beginning it is only projected as a boutique project rather than a device for the masses. Learn more about this phone from Kieron-Scott in the video below:

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