5 in 1 USB Internet Phone Plus Webcam

Cut down the number of cables and get this 5 in 1 USB Internet phone plus webcam which offers a lot more than just a hands free internet phone. This is a very sleek and compact looking USB phone which has lots of features to attract any net junkie.

USB Internet Phone plus webcam

The USB internet phone only measures 160 x 48 x 38 cm and weigh less than those bulky internet phones tagged with a heavy price. The internet phone has a built-in VGA camera which can be used as a webcam for video conversation on most of the IMs including, MSN, Yahoo etc. The 5 in 1 USB internet phone webcam can also be used for taking photos and recording video along with complete audio. The phone is equipped with speaker and microphone and acts as a complete handsfree USB phone.

The LCD display has a blue back light which lets you see lots of data that is offered by this multi purpose USB internet phone. The device has a digital clock which alarm reminders and also has a temperature sensor for indicating room temperatures. This gadget is powered by rechargeable batteries which gets charged by means of a USB port.

The USB internet phone comes with a USB cable, instruction manual and a software to make it work with any computer. The internet phone can work as a stand alone clock, desktop speaker, webcam or just an Internet phone. Above all this is a nice little gadget to have and because of lots of handy features in this single USB phone, we rate it 8/10.

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