KatKabin – Your Cat Outdoor House

Katkabin is the ultimate cat outdoor house designed to sustain all weather conditions and thus keeping the inside ideal for domestic cats. If you are not allowed to install those cat flaps then chances are you may find these interesting and not to forget the interest of your cat.

Katkabin Outdoor cat house

Measuring 54.5 x 40.5 x 33cm and weighing less than 10 pounds, this is a very handy outdoor cat house designed to keep your cat outside and safe from those snowfall, rain and specially scorching sunlight. The katkabin is completely ventilated by holes on the rear side. It is sufficiently large enough for your kitty to lurk inside. Its cat like shape and will also give others a very clear indication of what’s inside this katkabin.

Available is more than one color, this cat outdoor house has four feet to rise the cat house from the ground and thus making it possible to use the katkabin on any surface whether inside or outside. Inside the kabkabin is an insulation cushion which will keep all kinds if cats attracted to it because it not only serve the purpose of providing insulation but it is also very soft which makes a lazy cat even more lazy than ever.

This outdoor cat house is ideal for those whose cats are shy from going outside.

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