Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Review

The Drinkwell platinum pet fountain is the top selling drinking water fountains for pets. Due to its size it is best for cats and for small to medium sized dogs too. It attracts your pet towards itself and provides clean, aerated and fresh water all the time.

Pet Drinking Water Fountain by DrinkwellDrinkwell has been producing similar pet fountains in the past but those never went to the top rankings due to some very minor design flaws. Some were either too noisy or required frequent maintenance but this platinum pet fountain is flawless and will keep working for long provided that you take good care of it. It will keep your pet off counters, toilets and other unusual places having water. Its water reservoir has the capacity to hold up to 168 oz of water and is also dishwasher safe. The other great feature that makes it the best is its submersible pump that is completely noiseless (see video below). It is also not very light weight and with its non-slippery and firm rubber fit, you are rest assured that this will never slide and spill water on your floor. Lets have a look at the complete features of this pet fountain.

Features of Drinkwell Pet Fountain

As you can see it is equipped with two filters one that filters hair and other large particles from reaching the pump and the other one is located inside the fountain. This one is a charcoal filter that filters out even the tiniest of particles from the water and guarantees pure and healthy drinking water for your pet anytime of the day. You can also adjust the flow o the falling water. Cleaning the entire unit is also very easy. What makes this product even more helpful is the fact that most of the cats do not drink stagnant water and replacing a static water bowl with this Drinkwell platinum pet fountain will not only reduce your daily job but it will also keep your pets happy and avoid any form of dehydration.

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