Dog Bean Bag – Elephant Dog Lounger

Time to get your doggy a dog bean bag, then you better not worry as this elephant dog lounger is just about the perfect size to accommodate all breeds and its large size lounger is even be large enough to fit yourself in and watch some of your favorite TV shows.

Dog bean bag

If you find yourself cleaning your lounger from your doggy hair all the time then you better grab a shaver and shave all the hair off your lovely dog to make him look even worse. But people do not do this, they have a better way of keeping their doggy from jumping on their sofa. The trick of the game is a dog bean bag which will keep your dog over it all the time while you do what you do best, grab some popcorns and watch TV.

This dog bean bag comes in both small and large size to accommodate all size of dogs. The small lounger measures 60 x 80cm and the large one measures 80 x 120cm. All the elephant doggy loungers have a bone to attract the doggys and keep them to their own loungers.

Dog Lounger Photo

The dog lounger is made of strong nylon with a water resistant backing. The cover of the lounger is easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Overall this is a cool lounger for your lovely pet and we rate it 7/10 because we think more shapes for a dog bean bag would have made these even better looking. Although this dog lounger offers great deal of comfort for your pet but it will definitely not keep your dog warm during chilling winter nights and for that it is recommended to rely only on an insulated dog house.


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