CleverPet : Game Console For Dogs

PetSmart Dog

PetSmart Dog

We humans have all sorts of entertainment gadgets that keep occupied so that we do not feel lonely but what do pets, particularly dogs have in their times of loneliness, absolutely nothing. That’s the whole idea behind CleverPet which is the game console designed for dogs.

CleverPet is a project at Kickstarter project that is currently seeking crowd funding to make it a reality. So far the team with all the backers have received over $76,000 of pledged money to put CleverPet in production phase.

CleverPet is designed to play with your dog in such a way that as to improve your dog’s skills and also reward it with treats every time your dog gets it right. It has a set of games that are designed to keep your dog active. Users will also be able to keep track of their pets performance via dedicated mobile app plus they can even program schedules for their dogs.

If it does make it to the stores, it will be a nice gift you can give to your dog to play when no one is around. It is worth mentioning here that CleverPet will have a retail price of $279 but if you are an early backer of this campaign, you can even get it for $129 only.


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