Cat Tree House Furniture – 82 Inch Tall Cat Tree House

If your cat consistently scratches your sofa or carpet then there are few ways to prevent it from doing so. The cat tree house shown below is one of the ways keeping your cats from damaging your households. If you have quite a few cats then this cat tree furniture will even accommodate all as it has the capacity for 5 to 7 adult cats.

Cat Tree House Furniture
These tall cat trees tend to get very high as this one is 82 inches tall. The idea behind making a cat tree furniture was to harmonize cat’s natural climbing and jumping instinct while still keeping the cat healthy in domestic environment. This cat tree house offers to your cat elevated lookout positions and thus provides a sense of safety to your feline. This handy cat tree furniture also gets rid of boredom and other destructive behaviors that usually develop in many domestic cats as it promotes exercise and challenges athletic abilities.

It has two shelters on separate tiers so that each cat can relax when not in the mood of socializing with others. Although not as large and spacious as those large dog houses but for an adult cat it offers plenty of room. This might not be a strong tree house for humans but for a feline, this tree house is as good as rock solid. It has pressed wooden foundations. Other materials used in its making are faux fleece and sisal. This cat tree house can hold up to 100 lbs of cats. Its natural scratchable surfaces will always keep your cat nails healthy and trim. The tiers are wide enough to even accommodate more than one cat in case of some ‘cat play’. To further add to the attraction for cats, this tree furniture also has a climbing rope and two little forts. This cat tree house is in ivory color. Assembly of this cat house will take just a few minutes if more than one person takes part in assembly.

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