Whatsapp Web App Now ON For All Chrome Browser Users

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

After Facebook Messenger Integration on web platform, Whatsapp followed the same. Whatsapp Web App has just launched which allows you to send messages via web platform but that is restricted for users who use chrome browser. Now let’s see how to connect and use this whatsapp web app.

First you need to open the website of WhatsApp Web, then connect your phone to WiFi and authenticate your computer with your phone using QR code. To do this you need to go to the whatsapp menu on your phone, tap on whatsapp web and authenticate the QR code displayed on the webpage of whatsapp using camera. As the connection established, all your contact and conversation starts synchronizing to your web platform. The left pane contains the list of conversations while the right pane shows the selected conversation.

Things you need to know to after connecting web app to your phone are:

  • Your phone should be connected to internet.
  • In order to reduce phone data usage, connect your phone to WiFi.
  • You can add multiple computers to connect through the web app but allow only one web app open at a time.

This WhatsApp Web app allows to communicate instantaneously particularly for people who spend most of their time in front of computer. In addition, those people also take advantage of this web app that are not use to type messages on their touch screen phones due to typo.

WhatsApp Web app is not currently available for iOS devices due to the limitations in the apple mobile platform.

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