MicroBlink Introduces A Text Recognition App For School Students



MicroBlink is a company that hs been working on the development of text recognition app for the last two years. The priority of the company is to introduce this app for completing the routine tasks like bill payments; but before launching its main app, it recently presented an interesting app for school students. The app is named as PhotoMath that can easily solve math problems.

The app works with the camera of the phone to scan the equation and shows you the solution with the detailed steps to solve the problem. The app would be the blessing for the students who want to solve their math homework or assignment in a hurry.

Besides having its advantage, some people also think that it might harm the learning process for school going students or might not used in a right way by dodgy students particularly in exams. Therefore, teachers might have to be more cautious in the future while conducting math exam. Initially, the app is supported for only iOS and Windows powered devices; whereas the Android users will have to wait till early 2015.

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