Zero Gravity Recliner Chair by Strathwood

zero gravity recliner chair

The idea behind inventing a recliner chair was to put less stress on your spine and allow your heart to relax. It works like a charm with a zero gravity recliner chair which will bring your heart and your feet at the same level making your heart do less work and therefore you would feel relaxed and calm. The recliner chair shown below is by Strathwood and is currently rated as the top selling anti-gravity recliner chair for a very reasonable price.

zero gravity recliner chair
The Strathwood zero gravity recliner chair has a very durable steel suspension frame which supports back tension and will hold up to 250 lbs of user weight. Check out others recliners if you weigh more than that. Unlike other recliner chairs, this anti-gravity recliner chair offers an infinite number of back and leg positions. This nice looking chair will fit almost anywhere. You can use it indoor as well as outdoor. Just make sure this chair is not left outside during rainy season. You can even fold the recliner chair and store it when not in use.

This zero gravity recliner chair comes in 7 attractive colors:

The material used for seating is polyester yard with resin coating which is further woven into ultra-durable elastic fabric. This is done not only to make the chair durable but to also make the recliner chair breathable. The arms are made of hard plastic. The zero gravity recliner chair only weighs 17.82 lbs which makes carrying from one place to another super easy.

Where To Buy Zero Gravity Recliner ?

This Strathwood zero gravity recliner chair is available at (with FREE shipping) at a very special 25% discount price till stock lasts. You can also browse the list of other best selling recliner and other chairs. The list is updated every hour.

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