Wine Bottle Chiller At Your Service

Today our product in review is the not so unfamiliar, a wine bottle chiller. This one is a tall wine bottle cooler which will cool or warm most of the wine and other drink bottles that have a diameter up to 10.2 cm.

Wine Bottle Chiller

Not surprisingly, this wine bottle cooler only measures 30 x 16.5 x 16.5cm and is powered by mains power. This is all in all an electronic bottle chiller warmer with the ability to indicate temperatures both in C and F. This chiller warmer is designed in a way that it is best suited indoor, specially during parties and other special occasions.

On the front of this wine bottle chiller we have an LCD display which has a blue back light and four buttons including power, UP, Down, Enter or Choose. This wine bottle cooler has a built-in data for 30 specific wines along with their optimum drinking temperatures so you just have to select the type of wine you want to chill or warm and let this intelligent bring your favorite wine to that temperature.

An insulation collar is provided in this wine bottle chiller in order to speed up the cooling process. At the bottom of this bottle cooler, these lies a very handy bottle opener. Overall this is a very handy tool to have specially if you are a wine lover and are fond of drinking different varieties of wine at the luxury of your home. We rate this wine bottle cooler 8/10 because we think that the sleek design and wine data is a big plus for a bottle chiller.

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