Video Games Chair Pyramat PM1900 – Cobra Gaming Chair

Get rid of those dead chairs as you make your way to the final level of your favorite video game as this video games chair by Pyramat is ten steps a head when it comes to gaming chairs that offer a lot more than just a seat.

Pyramat PM1900 Video Games Chair

It is not as decent and relaxing as the zero gravity recliner chair as this video gaming chair comes with a 20 Watts sub woofer integrated inside the rocker chair. Attached high quality 6 Watts surround speakers placed on either side in such a way that the speakers lie just behind your hears creating a perfect surround system which enhances game play and will also keep other home members undisturbed.

The Pyramat PM1900 video games chair is compatible with all gaming consoles including X-Box, Playstation, PSP, Nintendo, GameCube. Just plug in the audio-out from the console / TV in to this little gaming genie and enjoy the fun all by yourself. You can even plug in your iPod, MP3 player, PC or any other media player that has an audio out jack.

If you are thinking what your partner will be doing when you are enjoying 2.1 surround sound then have no worries because with the RCA Multi-player input / output feature in this games chair allows you to connect up to 8 such gaming chairs with perfectly synchronized surround sound. The Pyramat gaming chair also have a headphone jack and a volume and bass control.

The PM1900 video games chair can easily be folded for easy storage when not in use. It measures (H) 70cm X (D) 56cm X (W) 44cm and weighs just under 11 kg. Comes in cool looking black and red color fabric. It has a comfortable micro-mesh backrest and an adjustable head rest for accommodation of all people that are 8+ years old.

Overall the Pyramat PM1900 Cobra video games chair is a must have for those who can not live without games. For a great price and cool surround sound feature we rate it 8/10.

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