Sensoria Smart Sock Is a Wearable Textile For Rehabilitation

Sensoria Sock

Sensoria Sock

Atlast at this CES 2015, Sensoria has finally opened its Smart Sock Module for all. After having go through other smart wearable; this Sensoria Smart Sock is designed not only for common people but also for the purpose of rehabilitation. Those who have some abnormality or disorder can wear it as monitoring device that transfers real time data to RespondWell’s cloud-based Patient Engagement Platform.

The Sensoria Smart Sock is designed as pair of special woolen socks and bondage-style cuff. Electronics pressure sensors connected to a lightweight anklet with an accelerometer, local storage and Bluetooth Smart communication. After connecting the cuff to the sock, these modules together allow to measure steps, repetitions, activity, balance and plantar pressure. The data generated by the device and the patient can be transmitted to Android, iOS and Windows devices or you can even send it to the cloud for real-time alerts. The app offers audio coaching, a metronome and a special “shoe closet” feature tells you when to replace your socks. Sensoria claimed the guarantee of socks for 35-40 washes at max, after that you need to replace with new pair of sock.

Sensoria Smart Sock announced the package, which comes with

  • Two pair of smart socksmade from high-tech running friendly fabric
  • One electronic anklet that magnetically snapstn the cuff of the sock
  • One anklet charger

The cost of the whole package is expected to be priced under $200 and will hopefully ship in the last quarter of 2015.

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