Office Racing Chair – Racing Seat Chair For Office and Home

If you have ever wanted to be on a racing track while remaining in your office then now is your chance with this Office racing chair “As Shown on TV”. Well not the entire racing car but just a racing seat for your home or office.

Office Racing Chair - Racing Seat Chair

This is not something designed out of the box as this office racing chair resembles those racing car seats that you have already seen on several occasions on your television screen. This racing seat chair is 47 – 50 inch tall and this height includes the base as well. The base has 5 wheels that you will also find on other office chairs. The seat is 14 inches wide plus the headrest or you can say the shoulder width is 29 inches. This racing seat chair weighs 43 lbs but considering the fact that it has wheels, moving it from one place to other is no big deal.

This home and office racing chair is designed not only for stylish looks but it is also very comfortable to sit on. It has adjustable armrests, back rest, variable height/recline and the revolving ability which we are pretty sure you will not find in those racing car seats. The racing seat office chair is made of durable cloth with textured leather inserts which makes this chair look exactly what it is meant to look like, a racing seat chair.

If you want to present this office racing chair as a gift, keep in mind that this is not a cheap office chair but considering the fact that it is a lot more than just an ordinary office chair in terms of appearance, this will turn out to be a nice present specially for those who a crazy about racing sport. Just a piece of advice : For guests, get regular office guest chairs as others might get confuse about who the Boss is !!

This Office Racing Chair can easily be bought from Amazon (with FAST shipping) at a special 30% discount price which might rise back to normal at anytime.

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