Noise Cancelling Headphone

For those who keep their ears cover with headphones all the time or at least on trains, planes and other crowded placed chances are that they list a lot more than just the music they want to. The solution to this is a noise cancelling headphone which cuts down most of the ambient sounds and lets you hear only what you want to.

Noise cancelling headphone by Sennheiser

This noise cancelling headphones by Sennheiser come attached with a noise reduction unit which cuts down surrounding noise level by almost 25 dB and thus improving the sound of the music or any other audio that you are listening. This noise reduction headphone requires 2 x AAA batteries for attenuation of ambient noise and let you hear only the music from your player or any other audio device.

Noise reducing headphones

The noise cancelling headphone comes in a closed-ear design that is the same technology and design used in cockpits. These are very light weight and can easily be folded to slide inside your pockets. These have a large 6 feet cord and come with a belt pouch and a airline adopter.

Overall this is a great noise cancelling headphone ans is a must for those who travel a lot in buses, trains and other crowded places where there is a lot of surrounding noise. We rate it 8/10 because of its compact size and affordable price since those bulky noise reduction headphones can be as costly as £200.

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