Libratone Announced AirPlay Compatible Live and Lounge Speakers

LIbratone AirPlay Speakers

Libratone a Denmark based company has recently announced Live and Lounge speakers for your home sound system. The Libratone pair consists of a Lounge and live speaker which are made compatible with any AirPlay devices including iPhones, iPod Touch, iPads and Mac computers. It will also able to turn your TV into a powerful speaker.

LIbratone AirPlay Speakers

As the system consist of two parts, the Lounge and Live speaker both combine to produce powerful sound to you home theater. The Lounge can connect wirelessly and it is built with:

  • 3.5mm input for other devices
  • 8-inch inverted woofer
  • Dual 4-inch ceramic midranges
  • A pair of 1-inch ribbon tweeters
  • 150W power consumption

Libratone Speaker and Lounge

Whereas the Live speaker is designed for 360-degree sound experience and is built with:

  • 5-inch bass driver
  • Dual 3-inch midrange drivers
  • a pair of 1-inch ribbon tweeters
  • 3.5mm audio
  • Optical digital sound capability

Both the Lounge and Live speaker will start shipping in September this year at price of £1099 and £599 respectively

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