Instant Inflatable Swimming Pool

You will not be able to find many indoor inflatable pools that do not require lot of time to get ready but this Instant swimming pool is an exception. It gets ready in minutes and offers a great time in those hot sunny days when the sun hardly blinks.

Instant Inflatable Swimming pool

This inflatable swimming pool stretches to 8 feet in diameter and when filled completely, it is just over 2 feet deep depending upon how many people will be poring in to this mini pool. If you happen to invite more friends and family members then it is better to go for a bigger pool such as the Intex 24 by 12 feet pool. The pool is made of very strong 3 ply PVC and polyester. The pool is designed in such a way that only its top ring in inflatable while the rest of the walls automatically rise when you start filling the pool with water.

There are not many inflatable pools in which the walls rise as you fill but this one is capable of, thanks to the genius conical design, this is very much possible now. Watch the video that comes in the DVD for guiding you to set it up. This inflatable swimming pool has a water releasing drain valve which you can open after you have used the pool and want to deflate and store it for the next season. The above ground swimming pool measures 244 x 66cm when completely inflated and filled with water. This mini pool offers a lot of fun time for a small to medium size family.

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  1. swimming is my favorite way of exercising my body, it can really make your back shoulder muscles big and strong

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