Fatboy Large BeanBag

There are two ways you can set yourself to relax, one is to get yourself a very luxury lounger and the other one is to get a large beabag just like this one from Fatboy. Not any rocket science but some thousands of beans packed in a tight nylon body so that it takes any shape you want, either sit on it or just lie down on your belly or back to relax with this cool invention.

Fatboy large beanbag

Specially made for those who love to grab some popcorns while watching their favorite movie or TV show. This is a sufficiently large beanbag made from very strong nylon PVC that is not only water resistant but is also stain-resistant and because of its shiny and slippery covering, it is very much easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth and wipe OFF any dust and stains. This is exactly what you want to see when you are to buy beanbag for yourself. This beanbag measures 70 x 55 x 8 inches and is just under 25 lbs which is easy to drag from one spot to other and even carry one with you when going for picnic or camping. Because of cool appearance of this lounger, we rate this Fatboy beanbag 8/10.

Fatboy Beanbags are available in various attractive colors so if you want to give this as a gift you can make sure that you will be matching the right color with the right person.

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