Brew Your Own Beer With Beer Brewing Equipment

Always had the feeling how these people make that tasty beer all the time. Not a secret anymore with the Brew Master beer machine. With this machine you will not only be able brew your own beer at home but it also has a very handy bottle filling mechanism.
Beer Machine

As shown in the above picture, this Beer machine has every possible tool that a beer brewing equipment should contain. Its barrel like body can brew up to 2.6 gallons of home made beer. This approximately is about 28 x 12 oz glass or enough for filling 28 bottles each of 355 ml capacity. The keg itself measures 35 x 31 x 26cm and is equipped with a pressure relief valve for safety purpose. It splits in two halves for easy cleaning.

On the top you will find two dials which will indicate the pressure and temperature inside. It also has a de-foamer system plus a carbonation unit, both very essential for brewing your own beer at home. On either side of the beer machine, you will find filling taps each with a labeling space. This is for making the beer machine more personalized. An ideal place to label it with the name of the person if you plan to send it as a gift.

Beer Brew equipment

This beer brewing machines also comes with three CO2 soda chargers, bottling transfer system including all the tubing and six reusable bottles which you can use to fill your home brewed beer all freshly made by your own beer machine. If you have no prior knowledge or experience in brewing beer then no worries as you will also receive a booklet containing a complete brewing guide having all the necessary steps and instructions which will set you up to brew your own beer at home with the help of this very handy beer brewing equipment.


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