Aerobed Review – A Camping Air Bed

This Aerobed review is of the camping air bed which is mostly suited for outdoor, camping, indoor and many other purposes. If you find yourself short of space in your rooms and those overly sized beds are way to heavy to move around then you better start thinking about this aerobed.

Camping Air Bed

Most people consider aerobed as a camping air bed but thats not always the case. As these compact yet very sufficiently long air beds are being used in houses by thousands of people across the globe. This Aerobed review is about the type of air bed which is found in two different sizes. The single aerobed measures 198cm (H) x 99cm (W) x 23cm (D) and the double aerobed measures 198cm (H) x 137cm (W) x 23cm (D). This air bed is made of very durable and strong vinyl which is puncture-resistant and can be used as a camping airbed without any worries. The double aerobed weighs 6 kg while the single aerobed weighs only 4 kg. This airbed can support up to 295 kg and these aerobeds come with a two year warranty.

Aerobed Active Photos

Both the types of camping air bed are provided with a portable plus chargeable air pump which inflates the aerobed in under 60 seconds. And the deflation is even quicker, under 15 seconds. The air bed pump needs to be charged 24 hours via mains adopter that is supplied with it. If you are running low on battery power then you can even connect your air pump to your vehicle lighter slot and inflate the air bed. This sure is a handy feature which is much appreciated when using this as a camping air bed.

Overall this camping air bed is a great product to have while going camping and did we mention that it also comes with a carrying bag which will fit your aerobed when not in use. We rate this air bed 8/10 because we think that 60 seconds inflation time is a real difference between this aerobed and other air beds that are available.

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