TASCAM Releases Solar Powered Guitar Tuner TC-1S

Tascam TC-1S Solar instrument tuner

Tascam has released a very handy solar powered electronic guitar tuner that weighs only 51 g. If you have been carrying extra weigh for tuning your musical instruments then chances are that you would be excited to meet the young fellow, the Tascam TC-1S, which is a solar-powered instrument tuner.

Tascam TC-1S Solar instrument tuner

The Tascam TC-1S solar powered guitar tuner has a built-in battery that gets charged via solar rays and in case you left it in dark for long, you will still be able to charge it via any USB port. The device has ¼” instrument/microphone input along with integrated microphone. The TC-1S tuner has a shock-resistant silicon case for storing it safely while traveling. Other features include 12-note equal temperament scale, custom LCD display etc. Its LCD displays note, sharp/flat indicator, bargraph for pitch deviation. It even has a strap and clip for attaching to the instrument case.

The Tascam TC-1S guitar tuner has four different display modes: bar, fine, strobe animation and needle. It measures 96x18x40 mm (WxHxD) and is available six different colors for a price just under $40.

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