Z Bar LED Lamp – High Power LED Desk Lamp

The problems with most of the LED desk lamps is that either they do not have enough power to produce sufficient light or they consume too much power and start to cook your workspace. Opposite is the case with this Z bar LED lamp. It is a high power LED desk lamp.

Z Bar LED Desk Lamp - High Power LEDs

The Z Bar LED lamp is an energy efficient LED desk lamp that consumes a maximum of 9 Watts of electrical energy. It has a 4 step dimmer which will allow you to control the brightness of this desk lamp. The best part about this Z Bar LED lamp is its long lasting ability. Its High power LEDs will continue to produce lights for a minimum of 40,000 hours. That equals 15+ years of continuous operation if you use it for 8 hours each day. So you can make sure that you will not be spending on desk lamps for a very long time.

No matter where you want to use it, this high power LED desk lamp has a contemporary design which will nicely compliment your office or home furniture. The Z bar LED lamp has a flexible bar which you can easily adjust to raise or lower the height of the LEDs.

This LED desk lamp is ideal for large desks, workspace and for both reading books and computer desks. It has a heavy base which keeps it stationary no matter how further you stretch the Z bar. This desk lamp also comes with a clamp for mounting it to the sides of desks, perfect if you have no space over the desk. It comes in both white and warm light high power LEDs.

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