Wireless Charging Furniture Idea Has Turned Into Reality

IKEA Wireless Furniture

IKEA Wireless Furniture

Few weeks ago, we all heard the news about the Wireless Charging Furniture from the famous Swedish manufacturer IKEA. Now it is going to turn into reality, as IKEA displayed on its site that these Wireless Charging Furniture would be available by the mid-April. On the IKEA website, it has been clearly mentioned that these furniture will not only be available in their stores but people can also make online purchase by the mid of this month.

According to the IKEA, this furniture comes with Qi Wireless charging Technology. Initially, IKEA bring this technology to those parts of furniture on which we are use to place our mobiles like; table lamps, work lamps, floor lamps and bedside tables. In addition, with these charging furniture parts, IKEA also made some charging pads with simple and clean design those can fit nicely with your furniture and in order to get rid of cable mess, a cable management box is provided.

The Wireless Charging Furniture is made compatible with around 80 types of smartphones including Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Google Nexus and Sharp Aquos phones. However, Apple iPhones may not compatible with the IKEA furniture, as there is some compatibility issues with Qi Wireless Technology.

IKEA hasn’t reveal much about the pricing info but it is obvious that the cost of the Wireless Charging Furniture will be slightly higher than the traditional one. So, lets wait few days more to see how they will look and work!

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