Vacuuming Robot – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner iRobot 560

iRobot Vacuuming Robot - Robotic Vacuum cleaner

It is the thing of the past when those vacuum cleaners were ruling in the minds of every housewife but not anymore. A vacuuming robot has taken over with its exceptional state of the art design, the iRobot 560 offers a very cost effective and much less hectic cleaning solution for your home.

iRobot Vacuuming Robot - Robotic Vacuum cleaner
If you find it hard to use your old vacuum cleaner because your pet creates a lot of mess or you simply do not have enough time to clean your floor every day then you might be interested in this robotic vacuum cleaner. The iRobot 560 is circular in shape and weighs just 13 lbs but you do not have to worry about its weight because it does the cleaning on its own. With smart sensing heads, it finds its way without any stopping. The iRobot 560 robotic vacuum does things that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do with those bulky and high power vacuum cleaners.iRobot 560 Vacuum cleaner
It goes underneath sofas, beds and other furniture to suck dirt and other waste. With just a single touch of a button, it will automatically start cleaning your floor with almost anything one it including carpets, rugs etc. The iRobot 560 robotic sweeper has a sensitive bumper which is equipped with proximity sensors so it identifies immediately when it is approaching an obstacle so it slows down and after touching the obstacle gently, it cleans the area around it. This vacuuming robot will also detect stairs with the help of its built-in cliff sensors.

Compared to those high power vacuum cleaners, this vacuuming robot consumes less than half the electrical power and the great part is that it is a lot quieter. This robotic vacuum cleaner is usually preferred by people who have young kids along with pets so they can make sure that their children always breathe fresh air because the automatic vacuum cleaner does the job on its own without requiring your intervention.
iRobot 560 Charging Dock
The iRobot 560 vacuuming robot runs on chargeable batteries but you do not have to worry about its battery getting weak because as soon as the battery charge becomes low, the iRobot 560 head towards its charging dock and this is also done without your intervention. You can use the automatic as well as manual operation mode for the iRobot 560 vacuum cleaner. The iRobot 560 comes with a vacuum cleaner robot, charging dock, two virtual light houses for guiding the robot, an extra filter along with some accessories. Above all it is a great product for those who like to keep things clean and noise free most of the time. This is the only reason the iRobot 560 is rated as the best selling robotic vacuum cleaner to date.


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