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Strathwood Home Gazebo – Best Screened Gazebo

An outdoor home gazebo is better than a screened tent in the sense that it looks a lot better in appearance and is also meant to be stationed for longer periods. Similar is the case with this Strathwood Home Gazebo that measures almost 10 x 9 feet and is just about the perfect dimensions to be used as a garden or patio gazebo.

Home Gazebo - Strathwood Screened Gazebo
This home gazebo by Strathwood comes with a very handy mesh cover that protects the inside from dust, insects etc. While keeping most of the outdoor elements outside, this screened gazebo does its best in allowing the breeze to pass through. The mesh walls can easily be rolled to the top making this a perfect shady spot to have an evening tea or for just relaxing in the outdoor.

The screened gazebo mosquito net also keeps mosquitoes from biting you and your loved ones. The entire structure of this Strathwood home gazebo is made of very durable and sturdy steel. Although this gazebo can be assembled by a single person but it is recommended that at least two persons take part in the assembly of this gazebo. All the necessary assembly hardware and intrusions are provided with this home gazebo.

The fabric used in this Strathwood screened gazebo will stand against harsh weather conditions while keeping the inside safe and dry all the time. It will prevent rainwater from dripping from the top and will keep the portion beneath it protected from scorching sun rays. It is advised to at least store the mesh and cover indoor especially during severe winter climate. This will prolong the life of this home gazebo.


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