Strathwood Chaise Lounge – Wood Chaise Lounge Chair

strathwood chaise lounge chair

For those who want to enjoy weather by staying in their homes, this Strathwood chaise lounge will turn out to be one great chair for their patio, lawn, pool side etc. Made of very fine quality Southeast Asian hardwood named kapur, it is one of the top selling wood chaise lounge chair for a very affordable price.

strathwood chaise lounge chair
The Strathwood chaise lounge measures 74 inches long, 24 inches wide and 12.5 inches high. This wood chaise lounge chair comes with preassembled components that can easily be combined together with the help of allen wrench that comes with it. The back of this chaise lounge can easily be adjusted at five different positions making it a perfect chaise lounge for the whole family. You may even add matching cushions for this Strathwood chaise lounge if you wish to use it under the hood.

wood chaise lounge chair with tray

The wood chaise lounge chair also has a very handy wooden tray that slides out and fits best for holding drinks, magazines, newspapers etc. When not in use, it easily slides back in. The Strathwood chaise lounge is made of very durable and sturdy hardwood that is also weather resistant to some extent. Its own natural oil makes is a perfect shield against scorching sun rays as well as rain. Additional protection may be required if you have strong sun in your area. Teak oil may be applied once or twice a year depending upon the discoloration. This wood chair lounge chair will return to its original color after applying teak oil that can easily be obtained from many hardware stores.

chair lounge wood color maintenance

The durable mortise and tenon construction makes it a very sturdy chaise lounge chair plus the rust resistant hardware makes it ideal for outdoor use such as patios, lawns, gardens, pools side, deck etc. Due to the natural properties of the kapur, the Strathwood chaise lounge chair is suited for all weathers and requires minimum maintenance as compared to other high price and bulky chaise lounges. Another plus is the ease in moving this chaise lounge. Despite being very durable and sturdy, it is not that heavy and can easily be moved from one place to another.

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