Solar Panel Kit – 60 Watt Solar Power Kit

The Solar panel kit shown below will not power those bulky appliances but if you are looking for a backup power source for your boat, cabin, RV, home or any other off-grid location, this solar power kit will turn out to be one mean green and virtually maintenance free source of electrical power for your low power electronics and other accessories.

Solar Panel Kit - 60 Watts

This solar power kit is a complete kit with all the necessary accessories and mounting brackets. This will produce a maximum of 60 Watts. This solar kit contains four 15 Watts solar panels, a 7 ampere solar charge controller, a 200 Watts power inverter, panel mounting frames plus a wiring kit that contains rest of the installation accessories.

The four solar panels in this solar power kit will convert sunlight into electrical charge which is further fed to the solar charge controller. The 7-Amp solar charge controller can also be used to charge any 12 V batteries that are found in most of the automobiles. The charge controller makes sure that the battery is not over charged and when the battery is fully charged, it automatically cuts off the supply of charge to the battery. When a weak battery is connected, it automatically senses the lack of charge and starts charging it in day light. So this solar power kit works perfectly for charging 12 V batteries and if you happen to leave the battery connected during night, the blocking diode technology is there to make sure your battery never drains out.

The DC current that the solar panel produces is utilized by the 200-Watts power inverter. The inverter converts DC current to AC current at 110 V output AC voltage having 60 Hz frequency that is a standard in USA electrical system. From the output of the inverter you can connect electronic equipment such as chargeable devices including cell phones, PDAs and other low power appliances. This will not turn on entire house but is definitely a great solar power kit for experimental and educational purpose that will make you clearly understand how the whole process of solar power works in practical.

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  1. Solar Power is one of the best ways to get clean energy. Today the efficiency of solar power is a bit low but with advances in technology, solar cells will become more and more efficient in harnessing the energy of the sun.

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