Samsung 55 Inch LED HDTV – Up To 33% Discount

Samsung 55 inch LED TV - 33% Discount

Lucky for you if you are about to buy a LED HDTV because this Samsung UN55B8000 55 inch LED TV that was released at a list price of $3799.00 can now be bought at almost 33% discount (see details). The Samsung LED TV has everything that a HDTV should have plus it can save you some serious $$$$ while providing you full HD, detailed video and sound experience.

Samsung 55 inch LED TV - 33% Discount

240Hz Auto Motion Plus

With 240Hz of auto motion plus feature, you are rest assured that your Samsung LED TV does not miss any frames during fast motion scenes and you enjoy every single piece of the picture and not just a slice. The 240Hz LCD panel will let you enjoy games by taking the frame rate from 60 to 240 frames per second. This will allow smothers transitions and more details multimedia experience.

Eco Friendly – Low Power – Compact Size

The Samsung UN55B8000 55 inch LED HTDV consumes 40% less power than conventional LCD TV and due to its ultra slim construction, it requires less packaging material and thus it creates less waste as compared to other similar size LCD TV sets.

DLNA – Digital Living Network Alliance

The Samsung LED TV is DNLA supported so you do not need to create additional wire hook-ups to access your media from your other DLNA supported devices such as handheld PDAs, cell phones, computers, laptops etc.

Media 2.0 – Widgets

With Media 2.0 feature, the Samsung 55 inch LED TV will let you access internet TV and access information from content providers such as Yahoo, Flickr and more similar services. With the ability to display widgets with which you have access to eBay where you can view real-time bids and even bid on items of your own interest. There are other plenty of similar widgets available such as twitter, YouTube, Yahoo Weather, News etc. See complete list by clicking here.

Rent – Buy Movies – Videos

With your Samsung LED TV you will have access to Amazon Video on Demand with which movies, TV shows, latest episodes, new releases etc in HD quality. All can easily be navigated though single remote control. You can buy and rent titles are start watching in a matter of seconds. The Samsung 55 inch LED TV is a great package for the price


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