SAM Lets You Monitor and Automate Like a Smart Home

SAM smart plug

SAM smart plug

SAM is a recent Kickstarter project. SAM lets a user control the power (i.e. ON/OFF state) of connected appliances. And it does all that with the help of dedicated smartphone app. SAM will be available in two models, i.e. either a SAM plug or SAM strip. Both the models are equipped with smart sensors.

Each of the SAM modules have the capability to monitor temperature, motion as well as ambient light conditions and then based on the data it collected and set of rules defined by the users, it performs tasks on its own. Such as to turn on the lights when it starts getting darker or turning ON the fan when the temperature rises. Similarly it can cut off the power if its motion detectors do not detect any activity.

Currently SAM mobile app is designed for iOS only and the team behind it says that Android app is on the list. It also does not come cheap. The SAM plug will cost about $49 each while the SAM strip will be sold for about $109 only.


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