Raised Aero Bed – Queen Size Inflatable AeroBed With Attached Air Pump

Raised Aero Bed

You will not find many inflatable air beds that have an integrated air pump for quick inflation and deflation. Unlike this raised Aero bed by Aero. This is a Queen-sized Aerobed which offers lot more than what other similar air beds do. Continue reading below to learn more about this handy inflatable bed.
Raised Aero Bed
This is a raised air bed which reaches the height of 18 inches when fully inflated. This Aero bed measures 64x18x32 inches and weighs 24.4 lbs. Easy to carry and drag from one room to other or even take with you on a camping trip. This raised Aero bed has an integrated air pump that is attached to the bottom and offers completely hands free operation. It inflates the air bed in less than 3 minutes and deflates it in under 60 seconds.

This Queen size raised Aero bed has a very soft velvet top and to further add to its elegance and durability, this raised air bed is constructed with a heavy gauge PVC vinyl that is non-allergic in nature. This inflatable Aero bed can sustain a maximum of 750 lbs which is more than enough for a Queen size air bed.

Overall we think the integrated air pump in this Raised Aero bed is a nice addition to inflatable beds and due to the quick inflation and deflation ability, setting this up also is very easy. This will turn out to be cheap alternate beds that are used as guest beds and the great part is that you will not have to keep it inflated all the time. Just deflate the Aero bed and store in your closet.

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