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Portable Gas Generator – ETQ 4000 Watt Gas Generator

If you live in an area where there are frequent power outages ranging from few minutes to a couple of hours then chances are that you would have always thought about having your own power generator. Or if you are planning for a replacement then you might still want to have a look at ETQ’s 4000 Watt portable gas generator that has just about the perfect capacity for powering and average to medium size houses in United States.

Portable Gas Powered Generator
With noise level just under 65 db, this ETQ 4000 Watt portable gas generator has turned out to be a smart choice by house owners and small businesses. The generator has a 4 gallon fuel tank that provides continuous operation up to 13 hours. You do not have to be a technician in order to operate and maintain this portable gas generator. The operation is fairly simple. Just follow the instruction manual that is supplied with it and you are on your way to dealing with those teasing and unwanted power outages.

For those who want a bit more technical detail on this gas power generator, see the list of specifications below:

  • Operating Power 3250 Watts
  • Surge / max Power 4000 Watts
  • Noise Level 68 dB at 21 feet
  • Engine Type : 7 hp 4 stroke OHV Engine
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 4 gallons (lasts up to 13 hours)
  • Output Receptacles: 3 Qty
  • No. of 240V Receptacles : 1
  • No. of 120V Receptacles : 2
  • Weight is 106 lbs
  • Low Oil Indication light

All the outputs in this gas powered generator are protected by circuit breakers in order to protect both the generator and the electrical equipment connected. The 120V output is for powering low to medium power house hold devices such as fans, lights, TVs, computers, microwave and other similar appliances while the 240V output is for powering high power equipment such as an air conditioner, electric heater, etc . As compared to other expensive gas powered generators the ETQ 4000 Watt gas generator is a smart choice. It is built into a very durable frame and a set of wheels add to its ease in mobility.

Where To Buy ?

The ETQ 4000 Watt Gas powered generator is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at an affordable price.