Personal Smart Weather Station By BloomSky Will Showcase On CES 2015

Smart Weather Station

Smart Weather Station

BloomSky is ready to show its first personal Smart Weather Station on CES next week. This smart station is an outdoor module that can easily install at the backyard of your home. By installing the module, you would be able to get instant weather report on your phone.

Although in the modern era of today, we all have weather information right on our mobile devices but this module is for something different use. In areas where weather changes frequently at few distances and one has to travel from one town to other then in such condition the instant whether update will help a lot to travel safely.

This Smart Weather Station is based on cloud computing for collecting and delivering “hyperlocal” whether updates directly to the user’s smartphone. You can also share this information on social networks along with pictures taken by the device; as the device has built-in ultra-wide HD camera to record and capture images. The smart weather station measures six factors that indicate weather conditions; these factors include temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, UV exposure, precipitation, and wind speed and direction.

BloomSky is testing the beta version of Smart weather Station in San Francisco and it will be presented at the next week CES. Stay tune to get more news about this device after CES!

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