Patio Fire Pit – Fire Pit For Homes

There are not many places that you will find which can not hold a fire pit. This Grilltech terrace fire pit is one of the finest when it comes to providing heat in extreme cold conditions or even use it for toasting some marshmallows.

Patio Fire Pit

Although named as a terrace fire pit but its compact design and fine stainless steel finish makes it best to be used as a patio fire pit or even a garden fire pit. Unlike other very bulky fire pits, this one only measures 13.5 inches in diameter and is just 13.4 inches high. It has a very rigid iron bowl base with a heavy gauge which makes this patio fire pit to last for years.

This garden fire pit is a bit heavy and weighs just under 60 lbs but moving this fire pit from palce to place is also no problem because it has to very convenient carrying handles. When placed, the two handles can be folded down and the great part is that they always remain cool while the pit is all fired up.

For added safety, this patio fire pit has a spark guard screen which is in dome shape. So you can rest assured that you will not catch any burning sparks from the fired pit. Another great plus with this garden fire pit is its three adjustable feet. These feet are made of very fine quality stainless steel and unlike other fixed base fire pits, its feet can be adjusted in such a way that it remains in level even on unbalanced grounds such as a camping site, garden etc. Overall this is a nice little fire pit to have and because of very compact design and competitive price we rate it 7/10.

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