Paigo Will Bring House Control, Security And Entertainment At One Place

Paigo Smart Security System

Paigo Smart Security System

We have all heard or even most of us use some sort of home automation system in our houses. Home automation could be anything in the house, which can be controlled automatically, like light control mechanism, security or entertainment. Usually you need to install separate setups for controlling the various automation systems in home but Paigo Smart Home Automation can do everything. It is a prototype project presented on Kickstarter, which centralizes all your devices in the house and provides control via QWERTY remote.

The creators of the Paigo project called it the brain of any smart home, which provides security, controlling and entertainment via single setup. It comes in two parts; The Paigo Center which is basically a Server and a Remote Controller unit. To run a setup an app comes with the setup which allows controlling the Paigo Center via any mobile device like smartphone, tablet or even PC. When all the devices has been centralized through the Paigo Center, then you will be able to control the functions, schedule tasks and much more using the remote control. The remote control itself an AIO package, which integrates QWERTY keyboard, air mouse, speaker and microphone built-in.

Paigo is a Kickstarter project, which could make your life style smarter than ever; you don’t need to go here and there in your house to set up temperature control, preparing water for bath, turn ON/OFF lights, open doors, make coffee or tea. All these tasks can be done easily via Paigo Smart Home Center. In addition with these facilities, you can also check or assign tasks to various devices in your house from anywhere through the Paigo App. So, visit the kickstarter Paigo Project Page and make your pledge to make it into reality.

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