Outdoor Patio Table – Outdoor Aluminum Table

Outdoor Patio table - Cast aluminum patio table

When it comes to selecting an outdoor patio table, one that is suited for all weathers and remains rust free is often selected just like this outdoor aluminum table from Strathwood St. Thomas dining collection (see collection). Made of fine quality metal, this outdoor patio table performs really well in all types of weathers and is extremely durable.

Outdoor Patio table - Cast aluminum patio table
This Strathwood outdoor aluminum table is made of top quality cast aluminum that is further coated to give it extra protection against rust. Unlike other metal patio tables, this one will never catch rust nor corrode no matter how often it is subjected to severe weather. It is a perfect round patio table measuring 49 inches in diameter and 29 inches in height. Due to the use of aluminum in the construction of this round table, this table does not weigh too much as compared to other tables of similar dimensions. It weighs just under 55 lbs.

This outdoor patio table is delivered unassembled along with all the necessary accessories and a very simple and easy to follow assembly instruction booklet. Assembling this outdoor aluminum table takes only few minutes and once it is assembled, it can easily be moved from one place to another without the need of de-assembly. This outdoor patio table has very attractive artwork that stretches on the entire table top. The center of the table has a 2 inch hole for placing umbrella. This design allows you to use it either with or without umbrella as rain water will not remain on table top.

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