Light Weight Anti-Allergy Bed Vacuum Cleaner

There are not many light weight vacuum cleaners that do what this anti allergy vacuum cleaner does. This not only kills bacterias but it will also eliminate those creepy little dust mites that are present in blankets, carpets, pillows etc.

Anti allergy vacuum cleaner

Tried and tested by the British Allergy Foundation, this light weight yet very handy bacteria killing vacuum cleaner kill nearly 99.9% bacteria and removing all the dust mites that feed on the dead skin of humans and pets that is shed from time to time. It is a very light weight vacuum cleaner and it only weighs 2.4kg and it comes attached with a power cord, since it is powered by mains supply.

The anti allergy vacuum cleaner uses double filtration stage accompanied by vibration and state of the art UV-C sterilizing light technology which cleans and kill all bacteria OFF your mattress, carpets and even curtains.

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This anti allergy vacuum cleaner is ideal product for those families who have some one suffering from asthma and since it is very light weight, it can be used almost by everyone.

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